Costs of NetGreen Heat

We have used our assumptions and profiles, with your property characteristics to generate a Cost Estimation to install the Standard ‘Netgreen Heat’ system in your house.

The quotation has been discriminated into the different systems that make up ‘Netgreen Heat’, stating our material estimations.

The different systems are:

  • Solar System
  • Space heating system
  • Swimming Pool Heating system
  • Auxiliary Heating system – Air source Heat Pump
  • Alteration works to the existing Hot water system
  • including an additional electrical distribution panel.
  • The principal components are listed for each of the systems

    Financing is available for the majority of the System cost (8.000€) at an annual interest rate of 2.48%. Press the Santander Totta logo, for loan simulations for 60 months or 96 months repayment periods.

    Savings from using NetGreen Heat

    Using last years (2011) Environmental data for Cascais, with our estimated building characteristics of your house, we have been able to tabulate the cost of generating Hot water and providing Space Heating, using different energy sources.

    We have not included the energy saving made whilst heating the Swimming Pool with solar energy, for reasons of clarity.

    The five different Energy sources are:

  • Electricity – EDP, Domestic supply (BTN), normal tariff
  • Natural Gas – Lisboa Gas, Scale 2 tariff (221-500 m³/year)
  • Bottled Propane Gas – based on a local supplier (45kg)
  • Heating Oil – Diesel based, on a simple litre price
  • NetGreen Heat – Solar thermal and Heat Pump (elec. normal tariff)
  • Spectacular savings can be seen on a monthly basis, discriminating the costs of Hot water and Space heating.

    The Simple payback is made comparing the Energy costs of using Propane gas, against the capital costs of installing ‘NetGreen Heat’ would equate to under 4.4 years.

    This calculation has been estimated using Propane Gas as the alternative carbon based fuel, for comparison.

    RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) – 22.8% A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

    By 2015 this will have increased to 25.8%, with our estimated cost in fuel / energy prices (see graph)

    Other Considerations

    Environmental impact - The most obvious ‘Other’ consideration, for generating Hot water and Space Heating. This can be evaluated by calculating the amount of C0² is released when the fossil fuels are burnt. The monthly invoice from EDP breaks down the percentage makeup of the types of fossil fuels used, with some renewable energy sources. We have generated a table of C0²e kg/kW.h, for each of the different fuels/energies.

    Some Conclusions:

  • The fossil fuel C0² emissions are in the same range, average 0.24kg/kWh. The final emission values change due the efficiency of burning the fuel (or transporting it when comparing electricity)
  • The conventional heating systems generate between 3.7 and 4.4 tons of C0² per year.
  • NetGreen heat generates approximately 600% less C0² emissions than the conventional heating system.
  • Yearly price increase in Fossil Fuels - By 2015 we estimate (from Inflation projections and past price data) the energy costs will have increased by 15%. This would result in the simple financial payback on Capital Investment to install ‘NetGreen Heat’ being reduced by up to 20%.

    Free Swimming Pool heating - If the equivalent energy to heat the Swimming Pool was included into the comparison, the Conventional heating systems would double their energy costs, as 49% of the annual Solar Energy was used to heat the Swimming Pool.

    If a large Heat Pump was used to heat the Swimming Pool, the energy costs would have an equivalent cost of over 430€.