NetGreen Developments Lda

Our company has been growing gradually, by investing our profits into our development programs, but always on the fore front of Eco Innovation.

Whilst developing and testing our solutions, members of our team also have been involved in projects such as leading the design team on the initial phase of building the sustainable City of Masdar and being pro active with European Commission to discuss how to develop the European market of innovation in construction.

Due to funding our growth only from our profits not from loans, whilst our growth has not been rapid, we have had the advantage of not being over extended in this time of crisis from recession. In fact we plan to expand our business this year as we start to market our solutions……

NetGreen’s Combi Heat system

netgreen heat schematic We started developing this Solution of using the suns thermal energy to heat buildings over 7 years ago, over which time we have installed different stages of Prototype. The Prototype of the system that we are presently marketing has been fully tested and monitored over a two year period, so we are confident in the reliability of the systems components.

Additional options can be added to the standard Combi Heat system, to provide flexibility of use and capacity, even to remotely turn on or off using your mobile telephone….

Net Green Solar, our sister UK partner, has invested in providing a stock of Solar system components, all with the Solar Keymark Quality certification, to ensure a minimum of time is required to install the system.

All our Installers have certification to allow our clients to take advantage of IRS Tax reductions of 803€.

Our Contact Information

Our Company is based for the last fourteen years, in between Estoril and Cascais, Portugal.

    Net Green Developments Lda
    Av. da Venezuela, No.1
    Monte Estoril
    Estoril 2765 455


    Eng. Neil Turley (Managing Director)


    Mobil Tel: 931 969 718